Absolute Organic Butter 250g

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This creamy certified organic butter is commonly used in everyday cooking or simply used as a spread on your toast.


Absolute Organic Butter 250g

Product Description


100% Certified Pure Organic Cream (cow’s milk), Salt


Serving size: 25g, Servings per pack: 10
Energy: 303kJ
Protein: 0.1g
Total Fat: 8.1g
– Saturated: 6g
Carbohydrate: 0.1g
– Sugars: 0.1g
Sodium: 56mg

About the Brand

Absolute Organic brings quality and affordable organic products to today’s modern consumer. At Absolute Organic we make the active choice of an organic lifestyle, which comes through the confidence that ORGANIC is the better option for our body, soul and mind. Making the right food choices in everyday living you take into consideration your budget, time, peers and many more subconscious controls.


Additional information


Salted, Unsalted


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