We act as a normal website! You pick your yummy goods from our store, add it to your cart, make a payment and your organic goods will be delivered to your doorstep in the same order period.

Why weekly orders? As we are a small family business, this system means that we are able to buy in bulk, save on shipping costs and ultimately pass the savings down to you.

1. Ordering

Orders open at the start of every working week on Monday and close at Sunday midnight. You have that week to purchase from our website.

Any orders placed through our website after Sunday midnight, will be placed on hold for the following week.

2. Payment

Payment can be made via credit card or by direct deposit (please reference your name or invoice number).

We accept Visa, MasterCard,American Express and PayPal; however, there is a surcharge of 2.2% for all credit card payments and 3.0% for PayPal.

3. Delivery

Orders will then be delivered from Thursday to Sunday of the following week.

See the delivery page for more information regarding delivery costs and options.


Jill puts in an order on the Friday 4th of January. She receives her delivery the following Friday 11th of January.

Nathan puts in an order on the Sunday 6th of January. He receives his delivery the following Friday 11th of January.

Sarah misses the Sunday deadline and puts in a late order Monday the 7th of January. She has to wait for the next delivery period as she in the new ordering week. She receives the delivery the Friday 18th of January.